Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hobbit House

Have you ever dreamt of having a home with a quaint little something about it?  As a young girl I always thought a secret passage would have been an interesting feature for my childhood home. 

When driving through towns, cities, or older neighborhoods one of the sites that captivates me is the architecture of the buildings. I can't quite figure out when or how this interest happened.  As I began to look through photos I've taken I realized that architecture was a reoccurring theme. 

When I heard about some unusual homes and apartments that people currently occupy I was interested enough to make a date with My Mann to go see these places.

The first was the Hobbit House in Culver City, CA.  It is a combination of apartments and a home.
The home comes complete with red paned and colored glass paned windows.  
And turtle pond with several happy turtles swimming and basking in the sun. 
A little interesting chimney sits atop the house.
The apartment across the brick paved driveway has a large bay window, fun garage doors, and an amazing rounded shake roof.
I wonder what the inside looks like.  Do you think the ceiling is rounded too?  I hope so.  It would just have to be to make it completely hobbit like.
A smiling brick facade, tree corner beam, brick walk way and a chair for contemplating.  
Of course no hobbit home would be complete without a satellite dish.  You can catch a glimpse of another hobbit apartments behind the front apartment.  Not only does the front apartment have a bay window in front it has another very large one on this side.  I love bay windows.  How about you?


  1. Wow they look fantastic - I used to get called Bilbo in college, rather to do with my name being Billy than the hairy toes - LOL. Well worth the visit to see these quaint houses. BJ

  2. Amazing little dwellings! I would love to have one as a weekend hideaway!