Monday, September 23, 2013

Smash Journal Evolution

I started an art journal a couple years ago because I loved what I saw others like Donna Downey and Julie Fei-Fan  Balzer do in their art journals, but I quickly found that wasn't me.
While I enjoyed doing the art journal, it took too much time to first think about creating my background, then waiting for it to dry.  Then it was a another whole mind boggling thought process to figure out what I'd stamp, glue, etc., etc. before the actual journaling took place.
And if I didn't want to wait for it all to dry I'd have to work in advance in order to have the pages ready for me to actually write on them. Then I ran into my OCD when my pages muddied from the paint or sprays blending differently than I imagined they would.  It was all I could do to not rip them out which might have meant sacrificing the journaling on the other side of the muddied pages. I just didn't care for all of that.

I do like keeping a journals and scrapbooks so I started looking into the smash book idea and how to make that work for me.
This process felt much better and was easier to adapt to my style.  I liked the fact that I could paste all kinds of ephemera into my composition book along with my journaling. 

This held my interest for some time before I was feeling like I wanted to do something a little different and a little more creative.

That's when I stumbled on to Martha Lever and took her Big Grid Journal Lollapalooza 3 class this summer.  I couldn't wait to start the class so I started on my own using what I saw of her pages online.
Martha uses a sketch book containing graph paper which easily gives the grids for your journaling, but I started in my composition book and continue to still use comp. books.  They aren't too big, they aren't too small, they're just right for schlepping into my purse, to take on vacation, and not at all  overwhelming to fill creatively.

Once I was able to get into the classes it all became so clear and fun.

I learned how to use the items I already had in my stash. Those rubber stamps I've collected for years and haven't really used enough to justify the cost of purchasing or keeping them.
I don't know about you but I had collected some magazines with photography and ideas that I have enjoyed seeing over and over again.  After some time space became an issue so I clip the pictures or whatever strikes my fancy and can't bear to throw away before sending the rest of the magazine to the rubbish.

I could easily find places for those clipped words, quotes and pictures that have been piling up. 
I even pulled out my old pastel chalks for color.  Pastels have become my most favorite art medium all over again.  Why did I forget about you my old friend?

I really enjoyed the class and the freedom it has given me to write and create all at the same time.

Have you come to a realization about something that now gives you time, freedom, and/or enjoyment?

Thanks for stopping in. 

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  1. Certainly love how you have adapted various journaling methods to suit your own needs, it works really well, super. BJ