Thursday, September 19, 2013

Windmills to Coffee Houses to Fishing to Crafting. It's All Good.

 I can't believe I did the whole thing.  I actually finished something this summer - Rinda's Summer Scavenger Hunt.  And it feels good.

These are the last of the 21 required items.

#16 A windmill.

I tried.  I even had My Mann on the hunt for a windmill.  We didn't see one all summer.  At the last minute I remembered there was one at one of the roadside vegetable stands in a town nearby.  So last Saturday morning I took off on a little drive.

#17 A candle.

We celebrated our anniversary on our cruise and along with our yummy dessert there was boisterous singing, with fireworks and cymbals sound effects by our fabulous waiters in addition to a. . .candle!

#18 Your local pub/bar, coffee house or tea shop.  

I'm kind of stretching this because I rarely go to any of these type of establishments.  I've just never had the need for them.
But on the cruise I became a very frequent visitor to the ships Piazza deck where I would warm up with a cup of hot chocolate two to three times a day.  Oh, they also served coffee and tea there, but I love chocolate.

#19 A fisherman.

We were definitely in the right area for fishermen.
And guess what they were catching. 

#20 A dinosaur.

I never would dream in a million years that I would find dinosaurs in my local grocers.  But I walked in the door and there they were.  Just glaring at me.  With a sign advertising of their existence.
Dinosaur really do exist.

#21 A photograph of me with an artistic tool or craft supply.

My Mann had an especially fun time participating in this part of the Summer Scavenger Hunt.  Probably because he could take pictures of me doing things in a way that he thinks is odd and that make him laugh.

Like he says most people close one eye when looking through the view finder of their camera.
How do you do it?  Do you close one eye?  I just can't seem to keep mine closed and think about what I'm seeing in the view finder.  My brain can only do one thing.  Either look through the view finder or half close both eyes.  Maybe that's why I lack the skill to wink. 
Another thing that strikes his funny bone is how my pinkies are always prim and proper regardless of what I'm holding.  I think I must have been born to royalty and temporarily displaced. 
But I'm mostly glad he got a picture of me implementing the things I've learned from my summer class, Lollapalooza 3 with Martha Lever, into my smash journal.  And the crafty supplies are very easy to take on the go with you. 

Thanks, Rinda for another fun Scavenger Hunt and keeping me aware of moments and things around me.

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  1. Fantastic!!! I love the plums, the portraits of you (complete with observations) and the fact that you took a trip to find that windmill.
    See you this weekend for the final check in and link up,

  2. I've really enjoyed looking at all of your photos. I love your take on 'dinosaurs' - very clever!

  3. Lovely photos . Your sense of humour is just great and comes through the lens! Fabulous dinosaur!! And the signs are SUCH fun.
    Margaret - glitterandglue

  4. I love your pictures! I have found that the best part of the scavenger hunt for me has been writing the observations and comments on my pictures. I made an album again this year and had a story to tell for each picture, much the best part of the challenge

  5. Love your take on the dinosaur photo and so many other wonderful scavenger snaps

  6. You take beautiful photographs. I have never heard of dinosaurs plums before but it lovely to hear you love chocolate too. Andy

  7. I just love the picture of the salmon, really beautiful. Brilliant take on the dinosaur, well done.

  8. Wherever you were it's too cold for me...but nice photos.

  9. What lovely photos! How clever to get the picture of the salmon jumping. And yes, you do have very elegant fingers!
    Haven't visited your blog before, I found it via Rinda's scavenger hunt linky, but I will be back!

  10. Hello Linda! Love your photos for the Scavenger hunt! Thanks for stopping by mine. Following you now . . . . . .
    Love from Geraldine

  11. Dinosaur plums! Who knew? Lovely shots of you with your camera and craft supplies. Thanks for your kind comments on my shot of the birthday boy.

  12. Loved looking at all your photos! You are a terrific photographer - the misty fishermen photo truly captures the feel of being on the sea. I have to say you are VERY brave to have gone out to the middle of that bridge! Thank you for visiting my blog.

  13. A great group of photos; I especially loved seeing all of the ones of you! I'll have to check this afternoon and see if I close one eye. I'm really not sure.

  14. brilliant photos I especially like the fishing boat. I keep my eye open too! Thank you for stopping by and leaving me a comment.

  15. Wonderful collection of photographs, especially the one's of you. You managed to see beyond the list and find some amazing things. Those dinosaur plums were a great find. Whatever you are doing with your eyes, the photographs turn out just fine!

  16. Who knew about Dinosaur Plums?! A wonderful selection of photographs...thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog
    Alison xx

  17. A great finish to your hunt x
    Love the jumping salmon & the Dinosaur plums :)

  18. Dinosaur plums huh? Now I want to make dinosaur crumble :)

    Great selection of photos of you and your crafty supplies.

  19. Just looked at all your photos and they are great. Do love the dinosaur plums - made me laugh!

  20. Such a great set of photos. The fishermen are fantastic, but I LOVE your take on the dinosaur prompt. Well done! :o)

  21. LOVING your photos, specially the "signs" post and the dragon and the decorative tower!

  22. great set - love the moodiness of the fishermen shot

  23. I am new to art journaling this summer. I created a junk journal when I stumbled upon a youtube video via Pinterest but never got around to gluing my junk into it. You have inspired me to get it out, dust it off and finish it. Your photos from the Photography Scavenger Hunt were just fun to look at. You have a great knack from writing. Thank you for sharing!

  24. You have some great photos for the Scavenger Hunt, I love the funny signs, gave me a good laugh. The mosaic dragon is amazing. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  25. Thanks for nudging me about the win, I had completely forgotten about that part - LOL. Your photos are super too - the smash journal looks fun, not tried that yet. Thanks again BJ