Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Formal Dining Room

Most people find formal dining rooms a total waste of space in their homes. We had one specially built for our home and I feel it is one of the most blessed rooms in our home. When we remodeled our home we designed the dining room in order to fit an old dining room table that was handed down to us. The table opens out to 8 feet so we wanted to be able to sit comfortably around it when fully open. It was very convenient when we would have our good friends, over every other Sunday for dinner and games, that is until they moved away.  These friends taught us a game called Hand 'n Foot which is still a common occurrence around our dining room table.
Little did I realize at that time what importance this room would play in our home. We would eat dinner every night together as a family when the kidlets were young. Then as teenagers we still managed to eat regularly around the dinner table. Along with those dinners, a lot of fun, talking, joking, and serious discussion were served up. During this time took up the mantra much like the Vegas mantra - what was discussed in the dining room stayed in the dining room.

Our dining room table is also the congregating area for Sunday evening card or board games with our family. It has almost became mandatory. One of the kidlets would say 'I have been waiting to play Hand and Foot all week.' So everyone has to gather to play after the Sunday meal dishes were cleaned. Then a little later the snacks are broken out to munch while we play the game. We've played Hand and Foot (a one time lovingly called Hoof 'n Mouth by My Sweet Pea) with family friends, the kidlets boy or girl friends.  Just last Sunday we he had the kidlets spouses with us and guess what we were doing?  Yup! Playing Hand 'n Foot.
If this old dining room and table could talk they would have many memories and tales to tell if the cardinal rule was lifted. I love this dining room and table.

Do you have a place in your home where special memories reside?


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