Friday, October 11, 2013

Do You Know?

Ja know which port of call we'll be in tomorrow?


No, I don't know.   That is why I asked you!  Ja know?


Last month My Mann and I had the opportunity to visit a few ports in Alaska.  This being our first time there I had no idea of what to expect. . .other than lots of snow and cold and some amazing wildlife.

other than lots of cold and snow.

While in Juneau we went to Mendenhall Glacier where the clouds were so low they obscured quite a bit of the landscape.
Along with those low drifting clouds came rain.  Lots and lots of rain and the breeze blew lots of little raindrops on my camera lens creating foggy dots where they don't belong.
What we could see of the Mendenhall Glacier was somewhat of a disappoint to us.  Having had a cabin in the mountains not too far from a very tall and impressive waterfall and spending many times at the cabin during the winter kind of killed this for me.  It didn't seem all that magnificent.
 I found the bits floating in the water more impressive.
And that the snow was tinted blue.  Our guide had pointed out that the cloudy weather brought out the blue in the ice.

There was never blue ice at the cabin.  There may have been blotches of yellow snow.  Don't eat yellow snow.  If you don't know why go ask your mother.  I've even see red snow from food coloring of a candy or something that fell in the snow.  Now that I think about it I may have also seen a speck of blue snow as well but not like the massive amount of blue found in the glaciers or floating icebergs.

While in Alaska I was hoping to see an eagle.  I didn't really know how common it would be to see bald eagles.  If you've followed my blog long enough you might remember my infatuation with flying and how I wish I could fly like a bird.  So naturally I had a longing to see a bald eagle as up close and personal as I could get.

When we arrived at the Mendenhall Glacier, before I caught sight of the glacier I caught sight of this eagle.   I found that amazing.
Juneau was a good point of entry to Alaska for us as it prepared us for what the inside passage of Alaska is and that nobody ever tells you about.

Anyone, I ever spoken with, about Alaska or who has been to Alaska has never said that it rains. like. a. lot. in Alaska and that Alaska is part of a rain forest.
Some how I missed the  memo that it rains quite a bit there.
While we were in Juneau we also learned that the tide rises and falls so much more than any other place I've ever known.  I couldn't get over how tall the pylons were to accommodate the rising tide.  At this pier we boarded the little boat with the red roof dead center of the photo in order to do some whale watching.
I've been whale watching before here at home and it wasn't too successful.  I've stood on the beach after work and was more successful than the whale watching trip at seeing whale spouts off the shore.
But when you are so close and see how ginormous they are, it really is amazing.
I could have stayed there all day watching these beautiful, amazing creatures. Sorry for using the word amazing so much.  I'm too lazy to look up a synonym in my thesaurus.  Please excuse my laziness.

I was able to check off one of my bucket list items in this port.  See a bald eagle in real life.

How about you?  Do you have a bucket list of things you'd like to do?  What have you checked off recently?

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  1. Amazing photos of an awe-inspiring landscape, and the eagle and whale pics could easily go in National Geographic!