Monday, October 14, 2013

Right Now

What's real right now is that I/m watching a couple ground squirrels who think they have hit pay dirt gorging on tomatoes from our garden.  My Sweet Pea planted all kinds of tomato plants last spring.  We watched them grow during the summer, occasionally plucking grape tomatoes from the vine.  Now that all the tomatoes plants have ripe tomatoes on them and we haven't had time to go harvest them, I guess the squirrels are the beneficiaries of our busy schedules.  It appears that they aren't crazy about the tough skins on those cherry tomatoes either. 

What's real right now is that finding just the right pair of sunglasses isn't an easy thing.  Mine broke when they were crushed in the bottom of my purse a few weeks ago.  Since then I have purchased and rejected three pairs and I'm now trying out the fourth pair.

What's real right now is that evenings are cooling down and I'm having to pull out a quilt or extra blanket in order to be warm during the night.  I don't think summer lasts long enough for my taste.

What's real right now is that I'm still craving that thin crust pizza. I made another batch and still can't seem to get it quite right.  How do they do it?!?

What's real right now is that we're having game night with My Boy and his wife.  We're playing Hand and Foot and having a great time.    

What's been real with you?

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  1. Chilling out at half term after a reeally intense time at school -watching squirrel acrobatics too, jumping from garden fence to garden fence from my sitting room window. Looking forward to spending the day with my mummie tomorrow.