Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Glacial Blue

During our visit to Alaska we had the amazing opportunity to visit Tracey Arm Fjord.  
What is so amazing to me is that this fjord was carved so wide and so deep by a glacier that there is room and to spare for a huge ocean liner to travel into it.
The surrounding mountains were majestic
The vistas as we  traveled were spectacular.
It was so quiet as we traveled into the fjord protected from the wind and the waves by the mountains on either side.

I couldn't get over how blue, how high, and how massive the glacier is at the end of the fjord. Everything was so still and silent.  The only thing we heard were the soft hushed conversations from the passengers.
We must have been there for 20-30 minutes taking it all in when all of a sudden there was a huge, sharp, cracking sound. 

A couple seconds a thunderous clap followed reverberating against the mountains.
Which was finally followed by a huge splash.  Parts of the glacier were breaking off and falling into the water.  After the first chunk fell into the water there were a few more that followed

I can't tell you how much that experience affected me.  I felt so small in this grand and amazing world.

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  1. Wow!your photos are just amazing! I love the lastone; the blue and the white ice is stunning!