Saturday, January 25, 2014

Blow It Away

Setting up vignettes is a lot harder than you'd think it would be.  This week in the Frugal Still Life class we had a guest teacher who challenged us to set up a vignette of three objects.
In the past I've sneaked peaks at the beautiful work of other class members, but this week I didn't want any subtle influences to affect my vignette.  After looking around the house I focused on a statue that has reminded me to stop worrying or trying to change things that aren't within my power.
I found this statue after I went to a seminar where Stacy Julian was speaking.  She spoke about not focusing on the things that we can't change.  Enjoy life.  Be intentional.  Whenever I see this statue it reminds me of her forming a bubble with her hands then blowing it away. 
Anyway, I decided to pull this statue in with my initial and a butterfly (which also reminds me that there are times we have to go through hard times before we reap the benefits)  Since a lot of my orchids are blooming I thought I use one of them.  

Do you have something that you see on a regular basis that reminds you to keep on going and to focus on the good?  

Ciao, Bella


  1. Love the way these come out at you from the black. The orchid one looks very exotic, and the butterfly one captures just the feel you are after. Congratluations, these are really striking!

  2. Such dramatic images! I especially love the last one.

  3. Oh my goodness, I LOVE your orchids AND your shots! I think the last one is my fav and I think it's because of the composition with the statue being a bit higher than the L and that beautiful butterfly breaks up the white. Everything looks great on your wonderful black background!

  4. That's a really powerful statue. I love the ones with the orchid and pearl. I have a couple little shrines and stones which give me the strength to keep on.