Thursday, January 16, 2014

Say Cheese

I finished Week 2 for the Documented Life Project.

We had to use a picture of ourselves and if we had chosen one word for the year we could incorporate that on the journal page as well.

This year after I had chosen my word I found a poem titled "I Surrender" in an old magazine I was going through before throwing them away.

The poem was perfect.

 I couldn't have planned it better.

One of those serendipity things.

I attached the poem this page.

The poem reads

I  Surrender by Melissa J. Coffin

He will not compel us
To be conquered, but
It is in the
Conquering of ourselves
That we win our
Battles best and
Achieve peace,
Not fighting against
The process of
Becoming, but
Burying our
Weapons of resistance
In complete surrender
And obedience.

This giving place
Within ourselves
For the only worthy
Offering that will please
Our Conquering King -
That of a broken heart
And a contrite spirit.

I am finding that these challenges are just what the doctor ordered for my creativity.  I don't feel like what I've done is great, but it has been fun.

I'm looking forward to Week 3.  What are you doing to bring "fun" into your days?


  1. What a beautiful picture of you! The poem is very powerful too. For fun, I am making little things to sell at our Founders' Day at school in two weeks. We have been making bracelets and brooches, i will post them on my blog soon.

    1. Can't wait to see what you've been doing!