Monday, January 6, 2014

My Word

I have participated in Ali Edward's tradition of choosing one little word each January to focus on, mediate about, and reflect on as I went about my daily life during that year.  I love how focusing on one word takes away the guilt of making numerous resolutions that are usually forgotten by summer. 

 My first word was Trust.  This was a particularly hard word as I had to learn to Trust in the Lord.  That was in 2011.

After focusing on trusting in God and learning to relinquish control of those things that are simply out of my power I felt some stirrings and sprouting of something new.  That is when I selected Grow as my word for 2012.  Grow in self confidence, grow my relationships, and grow my creative skills.  This was the first year that I created a calendar which focused on an aspect of my word with pictures and a quote or scripture.  I also placed the calendar on the wall next to my bathroom mirror so I saw it several times a day.

Focusing on growth for a year was bringing joy into my life.  Something I hadn't had much of for several years.   So Joy became my word for 2013.

This year my word came as a surprise.  In one of my morning readings in the scriptures the thought Surrender jumped into my mind and heart; to surrender what I want to do to instead, be and do more of what God wants me to do and be.

Are you participating in One Little Word?  What 's your word for this year.  


  1. Gosh I haven't thought about just one word. Yours is a great one to focus the mind and spirit.

  2. I agree that one year's word will very often lead to the next! My word is illuminate, and it is definitely related to some of my other words, especially home, health, and paramount.