Friday, January 3, 2014


RECENTLY.  We enjoyed a simple, quiet Christmas.  You would have thought My Boy won a million bucks when he opened his gift of homemade granola.

RECENTLY.  Christmas was put away.  Except my snowpeople.  This year I lined them up the stairs. I enjoyed seeing them so much as I went up and down that we decided to leave them there for the winter season.  To remind us that it is winter and maybe we should feel guilty enjoying 78 - 80 degree weather.
RECENTLY.  I noticed my azaleas were blooming.

RECENTLY.  We had an after Christmas turkey dinner with my sister and her husband who had come into town.  My kidlets were all there to share in the company, laughs, and fun.

RECENTLY.  We celebrated my sweet new daughter's birthday.
RECENTLY.  We took my sister and her husband to the beach to enjoy the weather and the beauty.
 While there we saw an egret standing off shore on top of a kelp bed.
What is recent with you?


  1. What lovely family occasions! Recently, I have been enjoying a rest before I go back to school on Monday, and we celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary staying in an old coaching inn in the Cotswolds, a beautiful part of the west of England.

    1. Happy anniversary! Enjoy your time off. I've already hit the work scene. Not fun.