Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Perfect Ending

What a lovely time.

The week has been full with another to follow.

Recently I've been delving into a hobby that has taken a back seat in my creative outlet but I'm hoping I'll be more active in it this year.  I'm sewing clothing again. 
Recently, well not recently because we have been having warm weather for a while now.  It's hard to believe it is January.  Saturday was such a beautiful morning I knew My Mann and I had meet the sun at the end of the day to say good-bye and thank you for such a perfect day.  So we did.  It was beautiful.  We also saw a pod of dolphins swimming back and forth close to the shore and seal while we were there.  We also met the loveliest gentleman while we were there.  We meet some of the nicest people on our little adventures.

Recently I had the pleasure of spending time with My Sweet Pea.  She was my co-pilot as we made our way to the flower mart and garment district in downtown L.A.  Found some treasures there. 

Wishing you a good week.



  1. The weather really has been spectacular, hasn't it!

  2. Oh you saw dolphins, how lovely! Good luck with the dressmaking.