Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Rear View Mirror

I was driving home tonight and couldn't stop looking back.  Looking in the side rear view mirrors.  Looking in the rear view mirror.  Looking at the remains of the day.

This is the time when everyone seems to be thinking about the year that is coming to a close and the new year beginning.  Looking back and looking ahead.

I've been thinking about what I've done, experienced, and learned over the last 365 days.  Here are some of the things I'm seeing in the rear view mirror of 2014.

I got to know Tucson, Az really well this year.  And I think I like it.  I was there twice this summer during their heat wave.  Twice.  The first time for a family reunion and the second time for a family reunion.  Yes, you read that right.  Two different families reuniting in the same location within a few weeks of each other.  I know our families don't seem to be terribly original.  But they are both fun groups to hang with. 

I experienced the shock of how old I really am.  I kind of lost track of my age around the time I turned 35 or 36. I kept getting mixed up about my age.  After a couple more years of confusion I just quit trying.  This year I realized that I was just one year from the big six-0.  I can't believe it.  I don't feel . . . "old".  I still don't believe it's true but no matter which way I figure and calculate it still comes out the same.

I get to experience being an empty nester.  When we started out our marriage we thought children would follow after a short period.  But instead we learned what it was like to be empty nesters except we called it our ten year honeymoon.  After that experience we knew we would enjoy being empty nesters so to find ourselves in that situation again is very comfortable.  Sorry kiddos.  We love you.  We enjoy seeing you. You are the sunshine of our lives.  Life would be so incomplete without you.  But, we also enjoy being just us.

I learned that my employment change is so much more than a less stressful job.   I learned that my current employer is a very generous and giving company.  I hadn't realized that a company could be so kind and aware of its employees.  One of my responsibilities is to write all the checks that go out.  This puts me in the position of working directly with my employer as he expresses his desire that everyone have a very nice Christmas.  Over the holidays one of our employees passed away from natural causes and again my employer expressed concern that the family need not worry about the financial burden of the funeral services.  As the one to tell the family this I realized how fortunate I am to be working for this company.

I experienced the feelings of some regret along with acceptance towards myself.  I choose a  focus word a year.  This year it was surrender.  Surrender my feelings of pride.  Surrender my feelings for the good of others.  Surrender my will for God's will.  I regret that I wasn't very good at surrendering my feelings.  I did horribly actually, but I think I have improved a bit from how I was earlier this year.   That is where the acceptance comes to play.  I've accepted my poor progress because I still see a smidgen of progress was made.  I love having the one little word each year because no matter how poorly things work out they are working out.

What interesting things have you experienced or learned inn 2014?

Have a great 2015 my darlings.

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  1. Lovely review of your year! And fabulous photo - I love beautiful reflections, they remind us to look everywhere and that there's always something special to discover... Wishing you all the best for 2015 x