Thursday, January 8, 2015

I Finally Tried It

I don't know why I didn't try this before.

It wasn't like it was a bid deal.  There would have been no great loss if it failed.

So why did it take so long for me to do it?


All it took was a little time, a lb of hamburger,  an onion, some garlic, tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, black beans and Cayenne pepper.
I've had the recipe clipped to try out for a very long time.  I had found it in one of those little recipe books you see tantalizing you with delicious looking pictures of food while you wait in the grocery checkout line to pay for your food items.  

This recipe has remained all these years in my "to try" notebook.  Good grief.  I think the kidlets were in middle school when I found that recipe and now they are grown and married.

The result was a tasty bowl of chili just the way we were hoping it would turn out.  Not at all spicy.  Just a lot of good flavor.  I think that was the hang up all this time.  My Mann and I have sensitive taste buds.  We just don't handle spicy food well.  Even recipes with too much black pepper can ruin a meal for us.  We like to taste our food without it biting us back.  You would think that I, coming from a Hispanic/Latin heritage, would like spicy foods and that chilies would be an accouterments to every meal.  But that just isn't the case.  My Mann was never raised on spicy food.   Us kiddos got my dad's palate.  At dinner we would all ask my mom "Is the chili verde hot?  Is the green chili hot?  Are the chili rellenos hot?"  If she said, "No, it's not," the rest of knew to add no more than a couple drops onto our food for a meal that our taste buds could tolerate.  Mom would ladle it onto her own food and complain that the chili wasn't hot enough.

This recipe made enough for us to have two more dinners of leftovers and each time My Mann smacks his lips and comments about how good it tastes.  I guess I'll be making more of this chili.

Question: Have you put off something and then wondered what story may linger behind the why?

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  1. I've been making lots of similar soups/stews lately in the crock pot. Tried one today with ground turkey (cuz my kids won't eat ground beef), lentils, carrots, celery, tomatoes and stock. Very filling and satisfying and not at all spicy.