Monday, January 12, 2015

Simple Calm

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With  the New Year, New Beginnings, people are thinking about how to better themselves and their circumstances.  There are goals set to  get physically fit, to be more healthy, to de-clutter our homes, de-clutter our lives. I came across a few blogs writing about minimalism and the challenge to pare down belongings to 100 personal items.

You read that right.  100 personal items.

I carry 1/3 of that around with me daily in my purse!

Thoughts of  that challenge kept creeping into my brain during the past week.  First: That's crazy!  How could anyone do that?  Next: How would it be to have fewer things to take care of and worry about?

I feel that there are times that having too much stuff stifles my creativity and hinders my productivity.  Too much stuff means making too many choices.  What should I wear?  Which scrapbook embellishment should I use?  Will this look good with that or would this be better?

I had at one time, for a vacation, created a journal/smash book travel kit.  I had to pare down my tools, embellishments and papers.  I think I got more down in the bits of time I journal/scraped than I did the whole year at home with all my wonderful stuffsa.  When I look back over scrapbook pages I've done it always seems to be the pages with a lot of white space (ala Cathy Zielske style) that make my heart sing.  They give me such a good feeling and I can't help but linger and enjoy them.

I would love to pare down so I could enjoy the peace that comes without the clutter.   I would like my house to have that IKEA kind of feel to it; simple, clean, yet beautiful.  I wonder if I could really pare down that drastically.  I admire those who do.  How could I adapt the challenge for me since I'm looking for more of that simplicity?

I have gone through phases of decluttering and I've experienced that feeling of freedom as I've cleared out things that are no longer useful or loved.  Just last week I went through a rolly-cart file drawer thing that I haven't opened in, gosh, over 8-10 years.  As I went through it I found 3 file folders.  Count them 1 - 2 - 3.  That's it out of three drawers that were of any real significance.  I need to be more consistent in these type of exercises.

Maybe I can adapt the challenge by making a more conscience effort to DO serious de-cluttering.   I wonder if I can or throw away or bless another's life by giving away 100 things a month.  Maybe I'll give this idea a try to start things off.

What do you think?  Could you, would you find it easy to pare down your belongings to 100 personal items. Are there things or habits in your life that need to be pared down?

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