Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Smash Peek

A new year means a new journal and figuring out how I want to document those large and small memories.  I have a plethora of scrapbooking supplies that I haven't used since scrapbooking, as the industry for the most part portrays it, has left my life.  I think last year was my year to fight with it and the need to do creative memory keeping. I tried journaling,  project life, mixed media art journals, photography, and digital and traditional scrapbooking and I enjoyed them all.   When I did one type of creative project the others fell away by the wayside with some nagging feelings left behind.  I struggled with the idea of having separate places to house these things because I somehow feel like they all have the same end in mind; my feelings, my thoughts, my memories, yet they were separated.  I wasn't liking how my mixed media lived in one book, my scrapbook pages in an album, photographs on the computer and my writings in yet another book.  They were all in different places but I feel that this year they are now feeling like a family instead of separate individuals.  They are coming together as a family to be a whole and, so far, very fulfilling project.   I call it my smash, project life, photo, art journal, scrapbook journal.

But for short I call it my smash journal.

I've kept a smash journal for over five years now and the process of how I keep it has been evolving over those five years.  About the only thing that has stayed the same is that I still use a simple composition book to house it.

On the first page of this year's book I put this picture of a front porch.  So far I haven't written or glued anything on it.  Although I have an itch to write "WELCOME" over it so that may come soon.  I love the way the light plays with the shadows of the porch railing.
Right after the porch picture I added some journal cards from Ali Edwards "First"  Story kit as well as a monthly calendar and a couple older project life cards that I used to document my monthly goals and some notables of the month of January. 
Inside the January notable I wrote things like the price of gasoline,  the first earthshake I felt of the year, and noted the large variance of temperatures from one day to the next. 

The first few pages I've done some daily journaling, art journaling and collaging of my thoughts and goals for the year.
So far the process has been enjoyable and the various arts seem to get along well together.  I am also feeling comfortable with my experiments living together with the tried and true.  I have some "scrapbook pages" that are coming together in my smash journal but that peek is for another time.

What new things are your trying?


  1. Hello there! I've just popped over from Rinda's blog after reading your comment about trying to work out how to get all your diverse things to fit in your life and memory keeping - for I have, and am, struggling with the same thing. It's been fascinating to see your pages, and I've enjoyed reading about your thinking around it too. I started a bullet journal this year which is allowing me to blend the To Do and the Have Done, but I'd like to stick things in too. I think I need to go back to the drawing board! Thank-you for the inspiration :).

    1. Glad you stopped by Alexa. I hope you find the process of remaking your memory keeping as enjoyable I am.