Monday, February 9, 2015

The Most Colossal Surprise, Ever!

I was so stunned.  I didn't know what to say.  All I could think of was, "What are you doing here?"

My Mann and I were exhausted.  We hadn't slept for over thirty-six hours.  We attempted to take a nap after our red-eye flight, no breakfast, and a six hour wait in a very chilly airport.  The half hour nap wasn't enough to clear our foggy brains.

But, no rest for the weary.  Literally. 
Photo taken by my sister

It was time for our muster drill.  We grab our bright orange life jackets and head to our muster station to check in.  I show my cabin card to the crew and move on to the station only to find one open seat.  My Mann and I wouldn't be able to be together.  I walk back towards My Mann who is pulling out his pockets finding nothing but pocket lent.  Somewhere between our cabin and our muster station he's misplaced his cabin card.  Darn muddled brains!

We finally get him checked in and together we go to find a place.  One of the crew inside directs me to a seat, which I take.  Getting myself seated and situated I look up to survey my surroundings.  Lots of people with lots of bright orange, bulky life jackets.  Then my eye catches something that doesn't belong there.

My sleepy brain has a difficult time trying to sort out what is wrong with what I my eyes are seeing.  Across the way I see myself in the mirror only it isn't a mirror and it isn't me.

I focus my brain and my eyes a bit more and I think that it looks more like my sister sitting there. 

I wave tentatively.  She waves back.

Still stunned and not sure what has happened I ask, "What are you doing here?"

I had just spoken to her via phone and text.  Not once did she say anything about being on a cruise!  Not once in the last few months had she mentioned a thing about being on the same cruise! 
Photo taken by my sister's husband

Sneaky, sneaky, sister.

She found out. through my mom, that we were going on a cruise and then went about stealthfully to find out which ship and when we would be on it.  She called the various cruise lines we use to see if we had booked  and finally finding us  booked the same cruise.   She was so good that she even managed to get the cabin next to ours.

I could have saved her time and told her but I knew they had their sights on an Alaska cruise this year and I didn't want to be the reason they didn't go.  It turns out that I am the reason they aren't going this year after all.

The  extremes my sister will take to spend some time with me.  I love her for it.  The four of us enjoyed being together and relaxing for the week.

It was wonderful.  I got to eat like a pig and come off the ship two pounds lighter than I went on.  That was a nice surprise, too.

Have you had any surprises lately?


  1. So grateful for the memories and the time together.