Monday, May 18, 2015

Notice Me

Imagine that those you see are wearing an invisible sign which reads, "Notice me.  Make me feel important." (Life's Little Instruction Book by Brown)

Hello My Darlings,

I'm sure you have walked by people who totally ignore your presence.  Either they are so wrapped up in their troubles or social calendars to acknowledge your presence or they're feeling so unimportant to make any difference in the world.

You all know the difference it makes when a person passes by you and smiles or greets you with a simple hello.  They don't even have to know you but, that you have been acknowledge by another lifts your spirit. 

I want you to start today to smile or greet others who cross your path.  Make a game of it if you have to, but let others know that you see them.   You have something to offer them, your smile at the very least, and they are important.  One little smile from you can create a big ripple in their life and the lives of others.  If you want to be adventurous, when you catch the eye of a fellow commuter on the road, give them a smile as well and you'll see what a difference it makes on your commute.

Now go and have fun.

I love you to the moon and back!!


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