Monday, May 11, 2015

What I learned in April

Hello My Darlings,

The months are flying.   It's almost the middle of May and I am just letting you know what I learned in April.

I learned  how drastically rising 4,000 feet in elevation can affect the temperature of the weather.  I can be pretty cold.  When we left the desert floor of Albuquerque the temperatures were a pleasant 65ish degrees.  It felt pretty good. 

When the doors of the tram opened and the wind blew in I soon realized that my long sleeved  tee-shirt and clogs were insufficient for the weather and terrain.  Even with my ill preparation I managed to stay warm enough and I thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I seriously believe it was my sister's jacket keeping my butt warm that made all the difference in keeping the rest of me warm.  I wish that you all have a sibling that "has your back", so to speak.  In this case it was almost literally that she had my back.

I learned about The Power by Rhonda Byrne.  I found this audio book interesting.   There isn't anything new in the book, but listening to the passion of the author as she reads it and her ideas of how to implement bringing happiness, joy, and a positive outlook into your day was helpful. 

I learned how protective the men at work are of us two women who work there.   I love that there are so many men out there who are watchful and helpful.

I learned that people, including My Mann think I am pretty naive.  I admit I have lived a sheltered life and I feel like I haven't been around the block much, but I don't know that it has hurt me in any way.  I've had people in my life who protected me and/or my spirit from those situations, words, or places that would hurt my soul or physical body.  I don't wonder if my sheltered life has saved me at times.  I would wish that same blessing for you in your lives.

I am learning what I need to do to have peace and joy in my daily life.  It has been enjoyable practicing what I have learned.  What I love is that the results are pretty much immediate.  I intend to not forget this lesson.  I want to keep it close to my heart and continue to practice bringing and giving joy because it is so much more fun than the alternative.  Just one thing you can begin today is to practice gratitude.

Now, go, and keep on learning.


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  1. Glad you know I've got your back! I love you.