Tuesday, January 19, 2016


A new year!

I can't believe 2015 is already over.  I'm sure it was just a few months ago that we rang it in.  How could it be 2016 already?  Sometimes I feel like Rumpelstiltskin.  Like I went to sleep one night and woke up the next morning only to find the month or now a year has gone by.

Now I'm realizing January is almost 2/3rds over already.  How can that be?!?!  Whatever life I've been awake for during the blur of 2015 and January 2016 has all been good with most moments very enjoyable.  At least I can't remember any bad times. 

Am I the only one feeling the flight of time is now on jet wings rather than sparrow wings?

I'm excited about 2016.  It feels epic.

I have my One Little Word for 2016.  This will be the sixth year of choosing a word to focus on for the year.

2011 -Trust
2012 - Grow
2013 - Joyful
2014 - Surrender
2015 - Do

This year my word is FOCUS.  I've been feeling the need to concentrate on certain areas in my life and this word -FOCUS - just kept coming up as I thought about what I wanted to do.

The areas I have tugging at my brain and that need more focus for 2016 are
  • Financial and Estate Planning:  Do ya think that now that I'm in my sixth decade of life it might be time to start doing that?  Proper timing hasn't always my strong suit but I'm so grateful that we haven't caused problems with our negligence.  Although the year I almost lost my husband should have been a a wake up call to do that.  Oh, well.  
  • Organization & Simplicity:  I can't shake the need to clear out the house of unwanted and unloved stuff.  I also want to purposefully make life simpler so life can be enjoyed more fully.
  • Writing my story:  While I've enjoyed working and journal keeping in my smash journals I've been feeling like my words are flat and that they don't really portray me, my growth, my goals, what I feel is important, or what I want those I love to know if they should come across my journals when I'm gone.
  • Spiritual growth:  My spirit needs time to just be still.  I want to set time aside for meditation and time to spend in the Word and prayer.
  • Building relationships:  I typically am a loner and don't mind being by myself.  That being said I have recently been feeling that I need to be more inclusive and letting others into my life.  I also want to let others know that I appreciate them and to let them know that I do think of them.
  • Fitness:  I pretty much slacked off on doing any physical movement over the last year and a half.  I am fortunate in having my father's genes so weight hasn't been too much of an issue.  But I've also been blessed with my mother's genes and her's has a tendency to not build bones very well.  So the plan is to get out of the osteopenia range and to firm up the jiggly parts of my body.
  • Pressure cooker how-to:  I had a weak moment last summer and purchased an electric pressure cooker on QVC.  It was a fluke thing as I haven't seen QVC in over 25 years.  That hour has been the last time I've seen it since.   I just think this pressure cooker and I were destined to meet and since we're together I'd like to spend more time with it and less in the kitchen.  That  means I need to learn how to utilize it better.
This year I bought a  bracelet with my word, Focus, on it.  Just seeing it on my wrist reminds me daily to focus on what I have set to matter most this year.  Also for the past few years I've  had calendars made which focused on my word for the year.  I hang these calendars by my bathroom mirror so I see it several times during the day. 

I'm so glad I stumbled several years ago onto this method of Ali Edwards '.  (I bought my bracelet through her website this year).  It has helped me to hone in on what I want to do for the year and freed me in my goal setting. Each word I've chosen is still a part of me and has special meaning to me.

How do you focus on your one little word?


  1. Nice! I can't wait to hear how the pressure cooker goes and which recipes are good.

    1. I will keep you posted on that. This should prove to be an interesting adventure.

  2. Those are some wonderful intentions.
    My 2016 word is brave.