Monday, January 25, 2016

One of These Things is Not Like the Other

December has been an exiting month.  And I don't necessarily mean because of the holiday celebrations.  Around here it has been exciting because we had TWO new babies join our family.  We're growing!

My Farm Boy and his wife had a baby the first part of December.  We could hardly wait for his arrival.  Momma did a great job bringing him into the world and gratefully the Little Farm Boy arrived safe and sound after a bit of a scare.  We couldn't be more thrilled that the Little Farm Boy is now part of our family.

Unbeknownst to me there was anticipation of another baby joining our family.   I was taken by complete surprise when a box was brought in and placed down in front of me.  I opened it with apprehensive curiosity and out nudged the silky head of a black kitten.  She almost showed up the Little Farm Boy as they both came to the house on the same day.  I am the mommy to this adorable, silky, black kitten who was named Missy by her rescuer.

These two little dumplings are such a joy to us and I can't get them off my mind.  I miss  them when I'm away from the house or they're away from me.  I think about them and watch them and I'm a little surprised by some of the similarities and differences I see in these two little ones in various situations.

As I thought about their similarities and differences a song from the past started to roll through my brain.  That Sesame Street Song, One of These Things (Is Not Like the Other), keeps echoing through my head.  So.  In an attempt to  put a stop to this lyrical replay I'm going to get my own version of it out right here on the screen.

One of these things is not like the other,...One of these thing is different from the other.

Which ones are the same? Which ones are different?
Both these babies are the same because they liked to sleep swaddled when they were first brought home.  Although one of these chose to be swaddled in a cross-stitch quilt while I was trying to work on it.

Both these babies are the same because they have a quiet, little, tiny cry/mew.

Or in Missy's case it more like a squeak.  I almost wonder if something happened to her vocal cords while she and her siblings were left in the dumpster.

Both these babies are the same because they're growing fast and exploring their new world with their eyes or in Missy's case, her full blown curiosity.

One is different from the other because one took to water like a fish and we can't keep her out of the sink, shower, water collecting buckets (we're in drought conditions here so we collect what we can), even our water glasses aren't sacred around here and the other?   Well, lets just say we have to call in the troops to give him a bath so there are no hands available to take photos.

One is different from the other because one has more control over its limbs other than gaining control over his little neck muscles and the other can we say this delicately.  There is no way to say it so I'll just come right out with it.  She is a klutz.  The other 4 cats I've had in the past were regal, dignified animals.  Missy is more like a klutzy, floppy puppy.  When you go to pet her she falls on to her side like a cow that has been tipped.  When she climbs and jumps it isn't with any grace whatsoever.  Her climbing looks more like flailing and her jumping down from the bed or chairs is more of a clump,  flop rather than gently lighting onto her feet.  She reminds me of my Farm Boy (daddy of the Little Farm Boy) in that they both run forward while looking backward which inevitably means sooner or later they run into  walls, door frames, or large brick pillars.

Lastly, one is different from the other because now one is living an 18 hour drive away while the other is taking over our house as well as our hearts.  You might be able to see to the left of her and on her nose the tattle tale signs that she has been digging in the plants on the bathroom counter top.   "Who?  Me?" she asks with that innocent look of hers.  "Yes, you, Little Missy!"

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