Monday, February 1, 2016

What I Learned January 2016

Last year I kept track of what I had learned each month in my smash journal.  But I enjoy seeing what others have learned because I learn from them.

1. Make note of it.  One of the first things I learned this month is that I have to keep track of who I'm learning from and make a note of it!  There are two things I learned from others this month and I'm sorry that I can't give proper credit to who they were.

2. Workflowy.  I was introduced to Workflowy by reading about it on someone's blog.  Unfortunately I don't remember which blog.  Workflowy is an amazing organizational tool that is great for note taking, list making, brainstorming, planning, and organizing your thoughts and ideas.  Since I learned about it earlier this month I've been using it in bullet list fashion.  I especially like the tag feature which allows me to quickly tag items with a completion date and then find them listed all together so I can stay focused on what is important for that particular day.  I also like the fact that I can access my list on any device I have at hand.  This makes it especially beneficial for capturing or looking up any idea/thought I had/need. 

The Workflowy team has put out a nice video giving an example of how to use Workflowy.

Image credit
3. Miracle Mornings. I learned about The Miracle Mornings by Hal Elrod from another blog (again I don't remember which one).  It's the practice of getting up early in order to have time for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (writing).  He uses the acronym of SAVERS to help you remember.  If you want to hear a little more about it Hal has a quick little video about it here but there are other videos he has done that go into more depth about it on You Tube.  I've been trying to implement this practice into my mornings.  When I've been successful I feel like my day has gone pretty well.  When I sleep in my day lacks focus.  It's been difficult going to bed early enough to get up early consistently, but I do know that it is a beneficial practice and I'd like to keep working on making it a habit.

4. How to keep a Journal. In the process of searching more about Miracle Mornings I stumbled on to some videos in You Tube by Robin Sharma.  He has a similar take on the importance of getting up earlier in the morning in order to have time for meditation, exercise, learning, and writing (journaling).  On his website I found a post about how he keeps his journal.  This year I've wanted to really write my story, to have more depth in my words and his blog post has helped to give me some clarity and direction so my journals are more than a boring narration of the day.

5. Not all cats are the same. If you've been following this blog over the past month you know that we have a new kitten, Missy, in the house.  You may also know that Missy has some interesting habits that none of our other cats in the past had displayed such as clumsiness.  I can't figure out why she is so klutzy and runs into things due to what seems to be her inability to judge how far to jump or stop before running into them.  There are other times when she plays with her toys and catches and follows them perfectly.  Our other cats were more graceful in their climbing and running.

Another oddity about her not exhibited by our other cats is her love of water.  Whenever she hears the bathroom sink or shower go on, she's there, anxious to check out the water as it goes down the drain.  In the sink she'll play in the water, using her paws to bring the water to her mouth.  Sitting in the sink her fur gets pretty wet and she doesn't seem to mind.  That just seems strange to me after the other cats.

I love learning new things.  


  1. Love the last observation. Each of our (three) cats is very different. JJ seems to be part raccoon - stands on her hind feet and washes her food. Frida loves the printer and plays with the paper as it comes out. She even knows how to push the copy button when she gets bored.
    Julie is loud and strong! She moves heavy things off the the tables and counters all the time. She also loves knocking pencils and treats onto the floors for the dogs. They sit underneath and wait for her!

  2. I really like the workflowy thing! Cool!