Sunday, March 27, 2016

February Journal Peek

I've been wanting to share some of February's journal pages but haven't taken the time till now to download any  pictures.

I have a smattering of painting and magazine cutouts on my pages.  Some of my most favorite magazines to cut from are various magazines from Somerset Studios and Daphne's Diary magazine.
I've added quotes from books I'm reading or that I've heard and I would like to remember.  I also enjoy the freedom of just playing with the paint, the latest idea I've seen on Pinterest or whatever is laying on my table.
Some pages like the one above was thrown together pretty quickly in that the whole page is ripped pages from probably the Art Journaling Magazine from Sommerset.  It lended itself to my insert about Dr. Seuss' The Places You'll Go and allowed for all my journaling.

I also started to use ballpoint pen more for journaling because a) it was handy and b) the nibs don't get sucked dry from the acrylic paints.  I think the chalky dryness after the paint has dried is rough on my fine point Sharpies.

So there you have February.

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