Sunday, March 13, 2016


This weekend I am ​
  1. Bella Grace - I love looking at the pictures and reading through this magazine.
  2. Lemon Tart - a cute mystery novel which also includes food and actual recipes.
  3. Voyage of the Dawn Treader - This title came up in a conversation about C.S. Lewis.  I enjoyed this book in the series and I just pulled it out to re-read parts of it again.
  4. Carry On, Warrior - Didn't really care for the first part of the book.  After a few pages I skipped ahead to the second part,  Loving this part of the book.  The author just has you laughing, crying, and contemplating ideas all at once as you read each essay.

  • Sharky's tostada bowl.  Weekends we splurge and grab bites to eat out.  Friday we were at Sharky's, Saturday a friend and I ate at the Corner Bakery, then ended Saturday night with an order of fries and Cherry Dr. Pepper from Jack in the Box.  There you go.  Not the best eating selections over the last two days but I allow myself these luxuries since I'm really good on the weekdays.

  1. Water  - I drink a lot of water.
  2. Hibiscus Lemonade - I woke up Saturday morning thinking about this lemonade.  I really like it so that was my drink of choice at the Corner Backery
  3. Cherry Dr. Pepper - I love Dr. Pepper.  It's my weekend treat but to have it with a shot of cherry or vanilla flavoring is even more special.
  • to chatter in the hall, 
  • to summoning of prospective jurors to the assembly room over the intercom, 
  • to Devil's Cub on CD on my commute (don't know that I really care for this book but intrigued enough to keep listening.)

  • the 5th season of Downton Abbey and the Christmas special for that season,  
  • the rain fall then after a beautiful Saturday watching the beginnings of a second storm coming in late Sunday evening.  We're desperately in need of this moisture.
  • My Sweet Pea who is with Missy while I'm at jury duty.    She had to tell me all the crazy stuff Missy is doing.
  • Capture your 365.  I've captured 73 of 365 days for this year. 
  • the ordinary ways of these ordinary days.
  • the freesias blossoms with their heady scent
  • citrus blossoms in the night air.
  • that it's the weekend.
  • about Nancy Reagan and the woman she was.  What an amazing honor she was paid at her funeral. 
  • time spent introducing a friend who is a recent transplant from a small South African town to IKEA and the JoAnns' super store.
  •  to get the Quicken register up to date.  But since it's the weekend I'll worry about that more Monday.
  • content.
  • to work in my smash journal with a gelli plate.
  • nothing.  It's the weekend.
  • a letter to a cousin.

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