Sunday, January 15, 2017

2016, It Was a Very Good Year

I was thinking about what had passed last year and the phrase "It was a very good year"  began running through my mind.  Then shortly it began to take on a melody from the old Frank Sinatra song, with that title, that I haven't heard in years.

So here is 2016 in review.

See the bird just at Missy's raised paw?

  • The best part was spending time with my Little Mann.  We loved any time we got to spend with him as he is such a happy little guy.
  • Missy turned 1 year old in October.  She has been has also brought so much laughter into our lives.  Missy is the first cat I have known personally that loves water.  She plays in her water dish at least once a week and I have to fight her for the shower.  She has a mind of her own, as all cat owners know, and she isn't afraid to let you know what she's thinking.  
  • I was privileged to go on a cruise for my birthday last spring.  We went into the Sea of Cortez and other ports near there.  Since I love the sea it was the best birthday present.
  • We had two family reunions we attended last summer.  My family's reunion we gathered all together in one very large house out inn the desert.  There wasn't much outside entertainment like we've had at reunions in years past, but the consensus by all is that this was the best reunion ever.  The house had a pool, outdoor kitchen, large indoor kitchen, game room, and theater which provided ample entertainment.  The house was also large enough for times when you needed to be alone or nap while perfect for visiting anytime you wanted with someone in the common areas.
  • I got to cross off an item on my bucket list with My Mann's family reunion.  I had mentioned to his siblings, one night, that I would like to see Mount Rushmore one day.  Apparently, I wasn't the only one who wanted to see it.  We all had a great time and Mount Rushmore is amazing as are the Black Hills of South Dakota.    
  • I decided to take a couple online classes during the Fall semester.  I learned that as much as I enjoyed the learning it wasn't the wisest thing I did this year.  It ate up all my time which took a toll on my relationships.
  • Speaking of relationships, we witnessed the most uncommon one when a finch would come to our window and tap on it with its beak.  This would attract Missy's attention and she and the bird would keep each other company for hours.  This went on for a few weeks.  I'm not sure if the bird saw its reflection in the window and was courting its reflection or if the bird could see Missy and was teasing her all during that time.  Either way it was entertaining to watch the two of them.
  • I started taking dance classes this Fall.  I'm glad I've started doing something like this again.

Favorite book of the year - The Devil's Cub by Georgette Heyer.  I really enjoyed reading this book early last year and have thought of it often throughout the year.  There are several twist and turns that make this book enjoyable.  

Favorite date night of the year - Seeing The Piano Guys in concert at the Greek Theater.

Favorite moment - When My Little Mann came up to me over the Christmas holidays and gave me a hug and an open mouth, slobbery kiss.  

Favorite movie of the year - The almost unheard of movie remake of The Magnificent Seven.  I thought the character evolution was done very well and that is what made it a favorite for me.  

Favorite meal of the year - The huge lobster tail dinner on the cruise was a stand out but every meal during that week was outstanding.  

Favorite find of the year - I learned about the Whale Shark and actually got to see one.  They are huge and being out on the water with them was amazing.  I wasn't brave enough to go into the water with them, but those who did were dwarfed in size next to the Whale Shark. 

All in all it was a good year.  We are almost a full month into the new year and I've been doing quite a bit of thinking.  
Thinking about my new word for 2017.  
Thinking about what I've learned from 2016.
Thinking about how I hope to move forward in 2017.
Thinking about how I want to slow down the pace for more time to think.

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