Sunday, February 19, 2017


Hi There,

Another week has ended and new one is beginning.  I have a lot bubbling in my brain.

A To Do list beginning.

I really need to get on some kind of exercise routine.  I wish thinking only about exercise would be enough.  I do that more than actually exercising.

Gotta make the weekly menu.  What's for dinner?  Sometimes those three words can be so grating on the nerves.  I have to stop myself and think of how blessed I am that there is always something there pull together and place on the table for dinner.  There are so many who may not even ask that question because they know the answer would be, "Nothing."

I've created a new base page for my journal.  Ya!  Go. Me.  This time I'm a little ahead of the game having a spread ready to write my story.

I got the current issue of Bella Grace magazine in the mail yesterday and I've been pouring over that since I got it.  I can't get enough of the photography and the articles always get the ideas vying for attention in my brain.

We have had rain for most of this weekend.  This kind of weather is best snuggled indoors with a good book and magazine.  I think I am changing my attitude about how I read books.  I am finding that I really enjoy reading from my Kindle app on my phone.  It is always with me.  At the moment I'm reading for the Widow of Larkspur Inn.  It was a free Amazon Kindle book.  It was just the ticket for me and I am enjoying it.

As I sit here I can hear the rhythmic drip of rain falling from the eaves above to the roof below, the tick of the grandfather clock, and My Mann munching kettle corn.  Sounds of content.  I love this time of quiet, peace before the start of a new week.


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