Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Spring Life is Grand List

Just a few random thoughts, just 'cuz.
1. Spring is springing up all over the place.

There  are buds popping out on trees.

Trees blossoming in frocks of varying shades of pinks.

The fields are alive with color.

Spring bulbs are blooming.

Days are filled with longer daylight hours and people are taking advantage of that daylight and warmer weather. 

2. My brain and body are feeling alive.  My internal clock is moving again. Until now it had been feeling like the clock in Disneyland's Haunted Mansion where the hour hand is stuck at 13 o'clock. When the winters are dark and dreary my brain also goes into those dark and dreary places of zombie non-life. I get feeling low and blase about most aspect of living. Well, except for sleep since that is what I would rather do during the winter. Maybe I would do well as a bear in the winter. But now I feel energized, released from my winter cave and ready to take on whatever life has to send my way. Thankfully I'm not as hungry as a bear in the Spring.

3.Since I'm more awake now I've been feeling like I can go on some walk-abouts. It also helps that the mud from all our much needed rains this winter is drying up. I took a few walks in the orchards and a couple in neighborhoods. On one of those neighborhood walks a Dial-a-Ride van almost ran into me as I crossed the street. Good thing the hospital was on that corner. Note to self: It's safer in the orchards. There I just need to stay away from the beehives.

4. I was also fortunate to participate in a Tahitian dance workshop with live musicians playing the drums (not recorded drums). Nothing like the real thing. The most fun part is that we all have so much fun doing it. I would never have thought I would be doing Tahitian dance at this time in my life. I love it.

5. My beloved son-in-law made me feel older than dirt. I don't think he meant to. At least I hope not. He, nonchalantly standing there with his beautiful head full of ginger hair, was telling us of their recent trip to visit my mom. He commented on how she would laugh wholeheartedly to jokes he thought only mildly humorous on some of the old TV shows they watched together. My Mann commented how those jokes were along the lines of vaudeville type entertainment. To that he innocently said, "What is vaudeville?" That comment from my ginger-headed son bowled me over into a a ball of laughter, hysterics, and squeals. I couldn't believe I actually heard him right. I feel so old right now. I still can't believe he said that. I thought everyone knew about vaudeville and the old classic movies. Well, I guess every old person and not the 20something adults. Can they be considered adults if they don't know what vaudeville is? I'm sure I'll get over this once I stop laughing and wondering if I am really older than I think I am.
Please tell me you know what vaudeville is.


  1. that made me laugh... we can date ourselves pretty easily. i was in california with my daughter and was talking about when I lived there in high school, and all of the beatniks who lived there.... she said to me why do you keep calling them beatniks.... she had never heard of the "beat generation" or beatniks... Made me laugh too

    1. Thank you. Just knowing I'm not alone in knowing the now out dated jargon in comforting.