Friday, March 3, 2017

My Letter Writing Goal

Hi, Ya

The other day My Mann and I happened to be in the garage working with the door up. After a fashion we could hear;  va-room, a latch open then the sound of a metal door shutting followed by another va-room, open latch, metal door clamp shut. I made the brilliant observation aloud that, "It's the mailman!" to which My Mann responded, "He must be bringing the trash."

I love getting letters or packages in the mail, don't you? Only that doesn't happen much any more. And My Mann's comment is pretty close to the truth 90% of the time. And if it isn't trash, it isn't fun mail.

I was thinking I would turn the tide a bit by bringing back some of the nostalgia of actually writing letters and posting them. This may bring others some joy to find some happy mail in their mailboxes instead of trash.

Some of the letters I posted were thank you cards, thinking of you notes, a birthday card, and  Valentine's day card. This month I had count an email to a complete stranger in the form of a Thank you note in order to complete my ten letters. So, I guess I kind of cheated, but not really.

This has been a more difficult goal than I thought it would be. I thought ten letters a month would be fairly easy. What I didn't realize is that I would need to find the time to write ten different letters. I also felt it was important to choose people who I don't typically consider close friends but yet could use happy mail coming their way.

There have been a couple people who have said Thank you for the happy mail they have received. It's been fun.  Now to do it again for March. Do you want to join me in the happy mail crusade?  Let me know if you do. I'd like to hear about your experiences doing it.

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