Thursday, May 25, 2017

Close to Home

Another installment for Nathalie's 30-Day Stroll Challenge. While we should be strolling through the neigborhood I don't get out much due to other commitments. The prompts we have had have caused me to look around the immediate area of my home, in some ways, with new eyes. It’s been pretty enjoyable to do and it’s pushed me out of my creative slump in more ways than one.

Now to continue. Day 10 Prompt of challenge: Wildlife

Our home is a little oasis of wildlife. I love hearing the birds and woodpeckers. Since we have no fence in the backyard and our backyard is basically a hillside we receive occasional visits by interesting visitors such as raccoons, bobcats, jackrabbits, quail, roadrunners, tarantulas, rattlesnakes, garter snakes, scorpions, mountain lion, ground squirrels, and coyotes. On this particular day I wasn’t able to site much in the wildlife category, including the humans and domestic type that occasionally get wild.

I was able to catch three hummers at or near the feeder at once. That was exciting for me to see. Usually, they don’t play well together.

Day 11 Prompt of Challenge: Sign

I had been out running errands on this particular day so I was on a lookout for signs near to home. Those things that you become very familiar with and barely notice. I first thought of my street sign on the corner but as I was out on the streets I caught sight of these very familiar signs up and down all the main streets of our town and thought how much I love seeing these and my gratitude to those who have served and are serving our country.

Day 11 Prompt of Challenge: Trash

I didn’t think you would want to see inside my trash can, yard waste, or the recycle bin. As I finished up my potluck dish for our family gathering on this day I thought that the empty milk carton after using all the contents for the dish was trash that I enjoy seeing. Just seeing the remains of it all had me anticipating the joy I have participating in the feeding and soon the laughing, talking and bonding that would happen around the dining room table.

Day 12 Prompt of Challenge:  Night

Night. I was itching to do some art journaling. That is when I remember I hadn’t done my prompt yet and it was night. So there I am. Making journal backgrounds. During the night. I had moved from my work table in the creation room to a side table in the great room so I could be near My Mann, who was watching TV.

Day 13 Prompt of Challenge:  Pattern

There are more than one patterns I am aware of in this photo. The obvious is the pattern in the paving stones. Next, is the pattern of the shadows from the potted plants. The last that I’m aware of is the pattern of battling the rabbits whenever I plant a vegetable garden. I had planted tomatoes in March and they weren’t touched by any of the critters. I was feeling pretty smug that I had foiled their pattern of devastation since they haven’t had anything delectable to eat with no veggie gardens planted for the last 3 years. The cucumbers managed to survive for about a week after I transplanted them but on this day I noticed they were eaten. Crisis in the garden.


  1. gorgeous photos and I love the hummingbird pic so much!!!

  2. Our hummers don't play together either - except in the evening when they're tired and just want to fuel up. Suddenly they can all sit on the feeder peacefully and eat.